Monday, February 7, 2011

him and her

Meet Missy, our ten year old Weimaraner. She's a beautiful girl. This grainy photo with it's high iso, taken only with the light of a bedside lamp, does not even begin to capture how pretty she is.

And she loves her Daddy. That's his leg she's laying on. In our bed. Something I normally don't allow. But.... she's getting old. I can tell by how she acts, how she looks, how she has a hard time getting up these days, and how scared of everything she is now.

Guess I was feeling like she needed some extra love after her bath last night, because I let her sleep in the bed all night.

And like I said, she loves her Daddy. I asked for her. I picked her out of the litter. I brought her home. I took care of her as a puppy. But she loves him. And I am okay with that! She loves me, too. But him and her? They need each other.

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