Monday, February 7, 2011

sleep=happy toddler

The boys only went to school one day last week, Monday. Today, they went back. It was totally like Spring Break, only for winter. Only I didn't have stuff planned for them to do. So I think I went a little crazy.

I enjoy the snowy weather. Like, a lot! So imagine my excitement when we walked outside last night to huge giant snowflakes! The snow flakes falling were thick and wet and easy to catch in your mouth and plain ol' huge! Of course they didn't last long. But they were so awesome! And the boys loved it!

I took a picture. And not a good picture. It was dark. And the ISO was high so I could set my shutter higher. The focus is on the lamp, there's a reflection of said lamp, which is also in the center of the image. Oh and hello grain. Usually I embrace you, but you are not doing anything good for this photo at all.

But I don't care about all that. See all that snow? That's what I care about!

Pretty picture, or not. That snow was awesome!!

{no edits at all, sooc, ugly shot, awesome snow}

What's also awesome is the fact that boy 3, my toddler, Jonyn, my stinker, my night owl finally went to bed at a reasonable time last night, slept the whole night long, and woke up smiling and singing and playing this morning.  Sleep is goooood.

Also? Number 4, my four month old baby slept all through the night, too.

Me? Not so much. But that's okay! I have two really happy boys this morning and that makes everything great!!

Happy Monday, homies.

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