Friday, March 25, 2011

BIG exciting news!

Okay, I know what you were thinking when you first saw the title of this post. Geez, people!

No, number 5 is not on the way. Even though that would be exciting. In a scary-oh-crap-can-we-handle-more-spawns kinda way. Besides, I'm not that much of a baby factory. am i?

But no, the exciting news is that after much prayer, chatting, observing, and researching. We have decided to homeschool the boys during the next school year.

I've always said it was certainly NOT for me to homeschool my children. But when God tells you to do something, you should right? I started off just praying for God to guide my steps, homeschool or public school. In a short amount of time it became very clear we were to make this change.

My husband was very against the idea when I first told him what I was feeling. Very against it. And believe me I was too. Until God stepped in.

His heart has completely changed on the matter. He is as much for it as I am. And has even said he would help with some subjects. I have even asked the boys where they want to do school. Their answer is ALWAYS the same. At home. Even when I explain that they will not see their same friends everyday, they still answer 'at home'.

Noticing the things they have picked up at school that are not so pleasant, seeing the work they are expected to understand even though it is way above their grade level, observing them in general has also helped convince us that homeschooling is definitely the way to go next year.

Will we homeschool forever? I don't know. It muchly depends on God's leading. So we will see.

Until then, I am super excited to start next year! I actually can't wait! I know it will be very hard and a huge adjustment, but I'm pumped!

And for a girl who was always public school all the way!!!, this is very big exciting news.

Happy Weekend. Even though I'm home all day, I still very much look forward to weekends. Especially this one. I get to have a very super majorly rare GNO, or Girl's Night Out, tomorrow. I am looking forward to it a whole whole bunch! And I hope your weekend is great, whatever the plans!


  1. Besides knowing what they're doing all day, you don't have to plan your life around school... how freeing is that!?!
    And what a fun 'excuse' for field trips!
    And... nope, hadn't thought! ;)

    And yeah for GNO!!!

  2. I don't know you,but I randomly found your blog sometime around the time your 3rd was born. Ever since, I have tried to follow it weekly because seeing your struggles (they are so familiar) really gave me encouragement. Especially the posts of daily ruts and wanting to be closer to God but feeling so far from him,marriage blahs, and crazy,stressing kids! I,too,have 4 children and they are homeschooled. Stay encouraged on your journey. There will be days when you rethink it,but where God calls you he will give you the strength to follow! I have found this year very trying with a "busy" toddler and my house is always a mess, but I wouldn't trade our days for anything! I now have 3 kids at different levels and am going through a total homeschool transformation as this year ends. I feel almost as if God is leading us in a totally new journey in it. Good luck! I cannot wait to hear more stories as your own journey begins!

  3. Okay....I apparently missed this post when it originally hit, but stumbled across it today.....rainy, crappy weather makes for lots of blog time. Anyway.....

    Just had to comment and say "Good Luck and God's blessings on you" as you begin your homeschooling journey. Both my husband and I were homeschooled, and we intend on homeschooling our children, both now 3 1/2. I'm not even gonna try to give advice, because even though I was homeschooled, I have never actually homeschooled......and the thought of having kids at different ages and trying to homeschool them terrifies me! but God is so good! I've been attempting to read a lot about homeschooling and one book I've liked (not agreed 100% with, but really liked) was "When you Raise Up: A Covanental Approach to Homeschooling." Try it might not be for you.....but there might be just one piece of info in there that keeps you going on "those" days!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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