Friday, March 18, 2011

one month

I had a dream the other night that I sat down and wrote some things out here. Like why I've been missing and not writing and posting photos. Like what I've been up to. Like how I've been feeling. And look, exactly one month later, here I am. Stuff comes to me in my dreams sometimes. Ever happen to you?


I've been missing because I'm basically behind on life. Everything. We got new carpet, my house got taken apart and put back together again, sorta. I'm also painting parts of the house. Big project. I have client photos I am SO behind on I could just kick myself for being so carelessly behind. So blogging? I've had to skip it for a bit. But tomorrow is the day I catch up on editing and lock all my kids out of the office. Not kidding. Daddy will be in charge for approximately six point four hours. Or something.

I have been taking my meds and getting better, getting my thyroid checked, visiting the fam in Oklahoma, having THE craziest week EVER in my life, pretty sure. It goes something like this:

Getting pulled over on the very last exit to my Mom's house in OK.

Getting a flat tire, having to get a new used tire to replace it.

Getting two Lionhead Rabbits for the older boys.

Driving all over the world to find a bunny cage/house with no real luck. Okay, maybe just driving all over several towns. Finally finding one, only to get it home broken, and turning right back around to go back to the store to get a new one.

Having a sick toddler allllll week while away from home.

Having a very rare birthday party with our families for my now two year old.

Watching my baby nearly start crawling. He's thisclose. And oh yeah, he's not even six months old.

That same five month old busted his eye twice in the same spot.

Being puked on nearly every night by a congested baby, sometimes twice.

My nanny falling and having to go to the ER to get patched up and stitched up. She's okay, just very sore.

My aunt going in for kidney stones, going into a coma, coming out of the coma, getting a stint only to have the stone pushed back up into her kidney. She's okay, too. She finally went home.

Trying to bake cookies only to find out I purchased very expired chocolate chunks.

Hearing my two year old say LOVE YOU for the first time.

Falling very very behind on my Bible studies.

And rushing my baby to the ER for being very hard to rouse. We couldn't wake him fully, even after eating and napping. He was acting very odd, not like him. I've never ever seen a baby act like that. And I can't even truly explain it. He was just going limp, having a very hard time opening his eyes. He did this for hours. Don't worry, he finally snapped out of it. And he has RSV. But he's much better now. Not well, but feeling better for sure.

Getting pulled over (again) for booking it while going to said ER.

Getting home at 2am from the ER, spoiling our plans to leave at 6am to go home the next day.

Getting ready to hit the road, loading up the kids and the dog goes missing. But not to worry, she came back, after rolling in something dead. Just a lovely smell, I tell ya.

Finding a lost kitty at our back door when we finally got home. She has an owner somewhere. Her collar doesn't have info on it, however, so we don't know who she belongs to.

And, I'm sure I missed something. It was busiest and craziest week we've ever had while visiting our families.

Also, my meds seem to be working, but not quite well enough, I don't think. Anger has subsided, but in it's place is a nasty slump. I just feel like my face is stuck in a permanent frown, reflecting how I feel on the inside most days. I know it will get better. I just hope it's soon.

Anyways, that was a lot of words. And now I must go to bed and recover from this past weeks events.

Happy weekend, homies.

and ps... thank you so much to everyone who prayed for Brennen when he needed it. It could very well be why he snapped out of it, whatever was wrong with him.


  1. Yep, that is indeed a crazy week!!! WOW!!! Remind me NOT to take vacations with y'all. ;)

  2. Im so sorry you had such an AWFUL week! :(


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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