Friday, March 25, 2011

scootin' along

He was five months old and two days when he started scooting around on the floor.  I had enough sense this day to get photos, for a change.
 My kiddos get lots of tummy time when they're babies. I think it helps encourage the mobility. Sometimes.
Brennen made it from the middle of the floor in his room all the way out the door by the time he was tired of scooting. I was amazed. He seems so little still. And yes, that is spit up on his chin.
Unrelated to this story, but related to the photo above: I totally had Mommybrainitis and forgot to finish fixing this photo with my tag and the rounded corners.
Baby's have such a range of expressions and faces, and it totally cracks me up. My baby is super cute when he gets his dark eyebrows going. I adore that!
This photo above is also suffering from Mommybrainitis. The color was supposed to match, but I was too lazy to fix it. Especially with the Tiny Terror Toddler taking over Jonyn's body today.
Now, he'll be six months old in a matter of days and he does the belly flop crawl thing. He gets up on his hands and knees, rocks enthusiastically, then flops forward onto his belly to get around. Then gets back up and does it again. And he's getting faster by the minute! It's very entertaining.

I see the signs everyday that my baby will grow up entirely too fast, just like the other three are growing before my very eyes.

and ps... embrace the grain...


  1. Hi! I just came across you blog today and wanted to let you know that you have adorable boys and are a great photographer. As a mother of two boys (with another on the way) I know how hard it can be to capture their cute faces. Oh, and I just have to say, you son's glasses are precious! Also, I am looking into baby names for my son that I am pregnant with, and I think one of your sons names might be Jonyn? I was really interested when I first saw it and was wondering how you pronounce it. Thanks!

    P.S. Sorry if you get that a lot, about the pronounciation. My oldest has a unique name too and we are constantely asked about pronounciation, I know it can get tiring.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving sweet comments! You brightened my day :) Yep, I get that question a lot with 2 out of 4 of my boys!! My first son's name gets mispronounced all the time too. But after almost eight years, I'm used to it :) My third born (2yr old) is Jonyn. We say it JOE-nin. Just like you would say Jonah or Jonas. All of my kids names are different in some way! Hope you find a name you love and hooray for your third baby!! Thanks for having a peek at the blog, have a great weekend!


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