Wednesday, March 30, 2011

we just keep adding to the family.

My kids are now responsible for another living creature. Each of them has their own.

Meet Rex. He's a Lionhead Rabbit. Cute or what?! He's so sweet! Still very young, about 11 weeks old now.
But totally litter trained without any help. They're very soft and snugly.
He belongs to Taylan, the oldest. He got to pick which bunny he wanted, and he chose the one that best looks like a Lionhead, the other bunnies in the litter looked like big fur balls.
Kind of like the one Kanyon picked out. Meet Vader. Yes, Star Wars names. I know, I know. You don't have to say it. We are so cool.
See? fuzzball. But incredibly soft. And he doesn't exactly look like a typical Lionhead, even though he and Rex are brothers. Vader is the one that's very interested in what's going on around him.
The boys love them. They play with them, clean out their cages, feed and water them. Everyday. But there's a few things I've learned about bunnies.
The poop, like, a lot. Uncontrollably it seems, at times.
They eat a lot. That, or I shouldn't be making sure they are constantly fully stocked with food and water.

Excuse me, Jonyn, you're in my shot.
Oh and speaking of water, they drink a ton of that, too. Refills are always on the way with these two.
And they're fast, and will find the tightest spaces to fit into to feel safe if they feel threatened. And when there's a tiny terror toddler about, you always feel threatened when you're small.

Welcome to the family, Rex and Vader. I sincerely hope you can survive the toddler. We'll do our best to keep him out of your cage. I know he's already climbed in there once with you and his toys, but we'll do our best not to let that happen again.

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  1. As if you don't have enough to keep you busy, you crazy lady!

    LOL! That first pic seriously looks like a stuffed animal. I used to work with rabbits. Hundreds of them... yeah, lots and lots of poop. Have fun! :)


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