Friday, April 22, 2011

my life is never boring

Never. Ever. Boring. Mostly because of a certain two year old around here. Who will also NOT let me take his two year old birthday pictures (his birthday was early March). I tried. Heaven help me, I tried.

My days have been so busy with work stuff and kid stuff and church stuff and wife stuff these past several months. So much so that when I get that overwhelmed, I tend to stop doing everything. Seems like a backwards approach, but overwhelmed me is not a smart me.

Back to this two year old that runs from the camera, makes daily messes, gets into the fridge all the time, tortures the cat, and climbs on everything, including the bar now. See?

Yesterday I heard him get the dog food bin out and start feeding the dogs. I sat where I was for a few minutes before getting up to stop him from emptying the whole bin. You see how well that worked out.
Apparently I underestimated his scooping power. The kid had nearly half the bin on the floor. I swear the boy is doing something new everyday. And new does not mean awesome or fun or good all the time, either.
Here's the whole pile of after I swept it all together. It is literally an ongoing battle between good and evil around here.
Okay, maybe not good and evil, but definitely mom and toddler. I mean, it is just always something.

He was born into this family to make my life more interesting, I'm pretty sure. Oh and more chaotic. And less dull. And definitely more entertaining.

And now that the baby can not only crawl, but taught himself to sit up and pull up (at 6 1/2 months old), my life has gotten even more interesting.

p.s. the red, blue, and brown are my new paint colors. And I am in love with how my house looks now!

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  1. I love the perspective of your first shot. I hear ya loud and clear, and I hate to think of the destruction our third children could accomplish in a short time together! Yikes. Mine keeps me on my toes too!


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