Monday, April 4, 2011

she might be ours

When we got home from spring break [mini-vacay], there was this cat.
Chillin' at the back door on the doggie bed. Kinda like she owned the place.

She was as startled as Toby and the dogs were when they opened the back door that day.

So I did the right thing, you know. I put her outside of the fence. Because I knew she'd go home.
Only she came back.

So I fed her and gave her water before I headed to bed. Because she was still there then, too.
And she was there when we woke up. So later that day, I let her in the house. I took pictures of here. Put her on some websites as a lost kitty.

And now she thinks this is her home. But she has no name.
And Jonyn terrorizes her, but she takes it, not one scratch on that kid.

She plays with Sallie (the smaller dog), which is so humorous! They chase each other.
She thinks the bunnies are prey. Even though all their furriness gets in her way. She gives up after a few non-threatening pounces though.
And now she climbs on the bed in the middle of the night and sleeps and makes herself cozy all over the rest of the house, too!

Toby even said "our cat" last night. So there's a chance she might be ours if no owner calls us in the near future.
But the bestestestest part of all? She's housebroken. No litter required. She goes outside when the dogs do and takes care of business. Coolest cat ever.

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  1. Wow. That last photo is beyond beautiful.

    If she's yours, Congrats to kitty and your family. She looks like a lovely addition to your menagerie! I think she needs some kind of circus name. ;)


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