Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Capture: Pink

I have boys. I have four boys to be exact. And a husband, that, you know, is definitely a boy. Even two of our pets are boys (our bunnies). I'm slightly outnumbered. Slightly.

Pink does not make it's way into our house all that often. I love it. It could even be considered my favorite color, but I don't even wear pink all too often.

Anyways, my oldest (he's almost 8) has been asking for an 'alverda' plant. Translation: Aloe Vera Plant. A girl at school told him about their awesome healing powers and he's so desperately wanted one ever since.

So we went to the garden center and picked one up. While there, he decided his brother (6 years old) did not need to feel left out and we should pick him out a plant too. A blue one was his first choice, because that's his brother's favorite color. Sadly, we couldn't find many small blue flowers. So he picked this one, in all it's perfectness...

And that's one of the few pink items you'll see around here.

Unless you count cute baby flesh, of course.

You Capture:


  1. love the flower and the squishy baby! we have a lot of that around here, too :)

  2. That pink flower is gorgeous. I love the feel of that picture. But the pink baby is my favourite...what a cutie!

  3. Man, that cutie is getting so big!

  4. Both great shots - I love the flower but the second shot definitely gets me!

  5. I'm outnumbered too so I posted photos of my nieces today! I enjoyed your post. Very sweet of him to get a flower for his brother and that little baby is adorable!

  6. Beautiful flower! Your focus and DOF is spot on!


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