Tuesday, May 24, 2011

and then they grow...

Kids. Why do they have to keep growing bigger? My oldest just turned 8 a few weeks ago. It was a fun day. His class actually had a zoo trip that day, so Toby and I went with them. It was packed, but a super fun zoo trip.

Later that evening, we had dinner at home. Usually we make a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's for our boys' birthdays. I try to make their cakes most of the time too. Lately, I've just ran out of time and had to go with store bought. That was the case this birthday as well.
But it was so good. Store bought birthday cake usually is. We sang to him, he blew out his candles. We had cake.
Then he opened his presents from us. My goodness was he ever excited! Taylan has been asking for a 'science lab' for a few months now. So I found a few books at the bookstore that had science experiments in them. They were perfect. He was so thrilled.
{terrible lighting here, sorry about that}
And then we brought out his last gift. A few months ago we purchased a used acoustic guitar and decided Taylan would get it for his birthday. He'd asked for one in the past. He loved it, too.

The next morning, just before he went to school, he told us it was the funnest birthday he had ever had. I love him, and his quirks, and his glasses, and the fact that he is going to be just as geeky as his dad, and his personality, and the way he sounds so big now when he speaks, and his politeness, and that he's my firstborn, and that he loves so big, and I love so much more about him. I love my boy. I really really do.

Happy 8th Birthday, Taylan! We are so blessed to have you.

ps... my older two have decided they are letting their hair grow out... as you can see.

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  1. Aww.. This post made me cry, Brooke. You guys are indeed very blessed. Thank you for sharing about your big guys birthday. :)


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