Tuesday, May 10, 2011

he turned two. in march.

I took his pictures in May.

He's cute and I adore him.

But my goodness he is a tiny tornado. Leaving destruction in his path, everywhere he goes.

He never stops going. Running running running all day long. He's a busy boy, as I've mentioned many times before.

He wants to do things on his own, by himself. And if he can't so it by himself, he wants to help.

He still climbs on everything under the sun.

He unloads the clothes from the washer and puts them in the dryer, and doesn't like for me to help.

He puts the dirty clothes into the washer and pushes the buttons to turn it on.

He likes to throw things away.

He likes to drink from a big boy cup and wear everyone else's shoes.

And take a bath. And take off his diaper. And sleep in our bed. And terrorize his baby brother. And clean things with baby wipes. And steal our drinks. And drum on stuff. And watch Daddy play the guitar. And oh my word, his giggle is the best.

Jonyn, Mommy loves you so much, even though you wear me out before the day is over each and every day! You are an amazingly smart little boy and I am so thankful you were given to me for this temporary life on earth. You are full of sweet kisses and big hugs and energy and you never stay out of the fridge, but I.love.you. Forever.
I guess he was getting bored.... *yawn

This below was one of his 1st birthday photos....

Think he's starting a trend?

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