Friday, May 13, 2011

I have an 8 year old! (and a busy toddler)

Yesterday is a day I'm glad is over and gone.

While it was my oldest boy's 8th birthday and that was fun, it was also one heckuva day with my third boy. The toddler, the one I like to call The Tiny Tornado.

We had to wake him up yesterday morning early, out of his deep slumber. We went on Taylan's field trip to the zoo with him since it just happen to fall on his birthday. Jonyn did great. He stayed in his stroller the whole time with out a peep. Clearly unimpressed by the zoo and all the new stuff it has now. But I was amazed.

I had errands to run after our zoo trip. So we get home, eat lunch, and change diapers and leave.

You know it's bad when you change a diaper, then have to bathe the kid, then have to change your own clothes, and wash your hands 80 times, and then once more for good measure. BIG delay in the leaving to run errands department.
But I do finally leave, my two littles both pretty much sleep the whole way, through the many places I had to go. I made great use out of our sling, the umbrella stroller, and also a blanket and my purse as a cushion in the top of a shopping cart.

Jonyn woke up at the checkout at the grocery store and was instantly cranky. He's not a pleasant riser. Never has been. I literally mean never, like since birth.

Then we're home at last, only to melt down over an orange he wanted to steal from me, even though he just shoved a whole one in his mouth. I wish I was exaggerating.

This was a long drawn out meltdown, people. My child was crying so hard he was actually gagging. *sigh* I really wonder what the three's are going to be like since history has shown me that three's are worse than two's. I had to get my camera out to keep from getting angry. It worked. I may or may not have laughed a little, or a lot, when I saw these. He just looks so sad.
In the middle of it all, I decided what I want for my birthday next month. I want a diaper sprayer. Nothing else. Well except maybe an explosion proof diaper, and an explosion proof toy box, and more days where Jonyn wakes up happy.
^thanks Jonyn.


  1. Oh, man. All of us moms have been there. ALL of us. We had a diaper explosion like that the other day. Fun stuff. And I agree, the three's are worse then two's!

  2. LoL! I'm sorry to hear that you had such a rough day. ((sigh)) I've been there. I'm telling you though. Jonyn and Aubrie SO sound like they were cut from the same cloth, down to the crying/gagging and the always waking up cranky parts. lol

  3. FYI they have diaper sprayers for $25 at Under One Rook downtown upstairs in the restaurant there is a booth that sells CDs and has them! :)


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