Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 05/29

I've been wanting to participate in this for a while, but have put it off for many weeks now. This week, I actually took more pictures around the house, mostly of the baby. And in the meantime, managed to get some things together for today.

1. Classic Still Life.

I don't know much about still life. I have four boys, and lots-o-pets, so they're usually my subjects.

2. Self Portraits.

I've come to enjoy selfies, though I'm not so creative with them. I'm not sure if I like both of these, or neither of these. (I look a little mad). (And also, I can't wait for my face to slim down). (And maybe it's hard for me to see past all the flaws). (The end).

3. On the floor

My baby doing what he does best:
(^He's a little out of focus, but I can't help but love this image)
ps... he's 8 months old today.

4. Lines

5. Fresh

A fresh pear core.

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  1. I'm always so inspired by your work - so glad you joined. I love the entire collection, especially the composition on your selfie. Beautiful!

  2. really great selfies and I love your baby on the floor shots! so cute!

  3. Your selfies are great! Looove your on the floor shots! And that last one is lovely!

  4. i think your selfies are great!!!!! i really like the one where you are laying down very creative. your fresh shot is fantastic too.

  5. You rocked it Brooke!

    Great composition on the first selfie.

    Love that little chunk disappearing through the doorway (And I'd keep the oof one too. How precious.)

  6. Oh! Great set! I love the composition of the fresh pears!

  7. Oh my, I want to bite that baby, so cute. I really love your entries.

  8. oooo all these are just so great. I love the selfies and don't know what you are talking about. you are gorgeous!
    also... baby butt. is. too . cute!

  9. These are fabulous. I love the one of your baby crawling. It's precious.

    Marla @


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