Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So. non-co-cosleeping

I like to start things off by saying "So." sometimes.

So. Jonyn has been sleeping in our bed on and off these past two years of his life. Mostly on. Very rarely off.

We tried the crib thing for awhile. That was a bunch of time wasted on my part. Plus I was getting really really mad at him for not just falling asleep in his bed. So I gave up trying. I did not want those feelings towards him over sleep. Sleep is important, of course. I mean Jonyn and the baby usually sleep until 10:30 or 11:00 everyday. So it's important.

So Jonyn has been going to bed when we do, about 10 or 10:30 usually. The big kids and baby all go down around 8pm. It's been working for us. Until now. I suddenly felt this need and desire to get Jonyn out of our bed. For good. I felt the need and desire to want to sleep next to my husband, even up against him, even with our arms around each other, without a child splayed out between us.

It was just getting old, having this two year old in our bed for the last two years, having to make do in certain situations. I mean, for a while, it was a huge comfort to have him in there, but now, it's just this side of being a burden, an annoyance. And my kids provide proper annoyance through out each day, I don't want any more at night! Also? The hair pulling playing was just getting out of hand. His comfort was my pain. Quite literally.

So I had this brilliant idea to bring his bed into our room. So we brought in his mattress, a pillow, a blanket, and this lion he's been going to sleep with and put it beside our bed.

Hold the phones, people!, we've wrapped up night 4 and holy cow, he's gone to sleep on his mattress every night and only crawled into our bed when the sun started coming up.

Bliss. Sweet sweet bliss.


edited to add:
{a few minutes ago}

(and plus, this is my actual 500th post. woo!)

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