Friday, June 17, 2011

this week

I feel like all I've heard lately is a bunch of whining and crying. I'm so over it. Jonyn hasn't been happy at all lately. Brennen has been so needy with not feeling so well.

Even though the oldest boy has been away at camp all week, and the arguing has lessened, the non stop whining from the toddler and the crying that bounces back and forth between the toddler and the baby has been unreal!

I'm about to lose the last of my marbles. The whining needs to stop.

And not to mention, Jonyn has turned into something so mean, I don't recognize him. The older two boys never went through such a phase. Sure they went through a hitting phase when they got in trouble, but it didn't last long. Mostly they'd lightly swing at you once then they'd get over it.

Not Jonyn, he's started pinching, hitting, pushing, even biting on occasion. I am just at a loss. And by the way, this is on top of all the climbing, the getting into the [not so]-child-proof-locked fridge, the eating the dog food, sticking his face in the dog water, and stealing the baby's toys, and in general making the biggest messes possible.

I don't know what to do. This super mean streak just started about a week and a half ago. It has gotten ridiculous and very frustrating. He gives the older a boys a run for their money. They literally run from him, usually shouting Jonyn's gonna git me with [insert object of choice]! or Jonyn's trying to bite/hit/pinch/push/scratch me! He screams at the top of his lungs just to sit and watch the baby cry. He pours water over the baby's face at bath time and then just sits and watches the baby gasp.

Mean. Not just ornery or rotten, no nothing cute like that. Mean.

What do I do? (Besides vent to the world via blog posts).

Someone please tell me dealt with this and lived to tell about it. Otherwise, I give up.


  1. It may be a medical problem. I thought ash was going to be a serial killer. She was literally torturing the animals by pulling our their fur when we weren't looking. Hers ended up being blood sugars over 600 but I am sure other ailments can cause the same type of reactions.

  2. Eeeek (to above comment) blood sugars over 600! Now I'm wondering if my son has that problem!

    My son is 3 1/2 and goes through phases like this every now and then where he exasperates me to the core and makes me feel like the worst mom in the world. He's a big kid and very strong and even I have a hard time controlling his thrashing, kicking, hitting, biting when he's upset. We typically only spank for disobedience issues (based on Ted Tripp's book "Shepherding Your child's heart.") And I don't feel spanking would help him when he gets like that. I usually put him in a room by himself - typically my room - lay him on my bed, and over his screaming, tell him that he can come out when he's ready to show respect to the other people in the house. I started this when he was 2, so he knows what it means now. Sometimes it works great and he comes out after a bit in a more repentent attitude. Other times he thrashes more and bags against the door.

    When we got a puppy recently, he was VERY cruel to her. We tried the "Be gentle" approach and have him show us what gentle looks like. We tried the "that hurts her" approach. We tried "you need to be Belle's friend." and Blah and blah. Finally we realized that we had to show him it is simply not okay to hurt the dog. So, every time he hit the dog, pulled her hair, kicked the dog, etc we would (in love - never in anger) spank him and explain why. It only took about 2 days of that and he has turned over a new leaf with the dog. Finally.

    I'm sorry this comment is getting so long, but I feel your pain. I honestly think when it came to the dog, my son felt that this was the only thing he was bigger than.....that he could control a it gave him a surge of power to hurt her and watch her yelp. Once God helped me see this, I try now to take away the pleasure of that power surge by lovingly spanking or completely removing him for the situation.

    well...those are my thoughts.....not that these things always work......

    Gook luck with your son!


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