Thursday, June 23, 2011


I dance when no one is looking.
I listen to a super random list of music.
I cry when something touches my heart.
I yell at my kids.
I want to kiss my baby's cheeks all day long.
I hurt my kids' feelings.
I regret the harsh words I say to my boys the second I say them.
I have a hard time saying I'm sorry.
I dance in my chair when I sit at my desk with the music on.
I watch Netflix when I edit (I'm more productive that way).
I blast the radio in the car and sing [terribly] at the top of my lungs.
I love it when the Spirit stirs inside of me.
Sometimes my hand reaches to the heavens during church.
Sometimes I feel self conscious and my hand stays down.
I close my eyes when I sing to Jesus.
I don't read the Bible enough.
I don't pray nearly enough.
My house is usually messy.
I don't clean my bathroom as often as it needs it.
I hate mornings.
I wish I was a morning person and got up with the sun (and the Son).
I want more kids.
I like change.
I'm a rearranging lunatic.
Furniture doesn't stay in one place for long in my house.
I like video games sometimes.
I watch too much t.v. on Netflix.
Sometimes, though, I hate technology.
I tried to stop saying 'hate' but fell short.
I don't curse.
I think I'm fat.
Medically, I am obese.
Words do not come easily to me.
I don't like to be in photos.
I don't take enough photos of my children anymore.
I love my family with everything I have in me.
Proverbs 14:1 is in my head constantly, yet I'm still the Foolish Woman.
Sometimes I spank my kids, and then instantly regret that, too.
I can not keep up with my busy toddler.
Sometimes I like the photos I take, sometimes I don't.
I like make-up and especially sparkly eye shadows.
I recently dyed my hair for the first time in my life.
I just turned 29 (on the 19th) and am looking forward to this 30th year of life I'm starting.
My husband is the only thing that can make me feel sexy.
I want to live in the country.
I want chickens.
I fail my children daily.
I fail my husband often.
Sometimes I don't act when the Lord prompts me.
Sometimes I want to call the day quits before it even starts.
When I don't understand what someone is talking about, I won't always admit it for fear of sounding stupid.
I'm afraid of driving over grates in the road and manhole covers.
I'm a bad friend at times.
I keep myself at a distance from people I don't know.
I'm pretty sure people think I'm a stuck up snob when they first meet me.
Really, I'm just shy and find it very intimidating to meet and greet, and I'm just no good at it.
Naturally, I fear the meet and greet and shake hands portion of church.
There are days I wonder if my kids love me.
Some days I can't stand myself.
In another life, I'd want to be a dancer.
I am only a little bit earth friendly, and I'm okay with that.
I can't grow things, even though I dream of having a garden.
I absolutely adore breastfeeding and do not look forward to giving it up permanently.
Aside from Jesus, my husband is the number one person in my life and I love him above all others in this world.
My mind is never quiet, even when I so desire it to be.
I talk to myself. Out loud. A lot.
I make mistakes. Huge mistakes.
I spend too much money.
I hate flip flops, even though I own two pair which rarely see the light of day.
My sweet tooth is bigger than your sweet tooth.
I love it when people do things for me.
I love to do things for other people without wanting or needing anything in return.
I wish we could move back home.
I believe that it takes a village to raise a family.
I gossip sometimes.
We are a cereal for breakfast kind of family.
I'm a total daydreamer. Without a doubt.
I get stuck in ruts easily.
I'm afraid my tires will explode if I air them up.
I love it when I feel totally and completely inspired.
My cat, who we named Cat, is pregnant, so we nicknamed her Bertha.
I can be an idiot.
I love Jesus but take Him completely for granted every single day.
In this moment, I hesitate to hit publish post.


  1. You forgot to add some, so I thought I'd help you out:
    You're an amazing friend and sister.
    You're beautiful, inside and out.
    You're loved and cherished more than you know.
    You're missed beyond description.

    I love you!

  2. *sigh* I wish I knew you in real life, my friend. We may have to do something about that someday...


  3. Oh my goodness I just saw your new button. LOVE!!!

  4. Your real honesty is beautiful.

    So many of these "truths" hit home for me, too.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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