Saturday, June 4, 2011

tweet tweet

The other day, Taylan runs into the house after just getting home with Kanyon and Daddy and tells me to
hurry up! 
There's a baby bird in the road!
And the Momma bird is attacking us!

Turns out the Momma bird only flew over their head [not close to them] and so Taylan ran away screaming. I laugh when I think about it. Must've been a funny little sight.

And the baby bird was actually just in our alley, not on our busy street.

Of course, something out of the ordinary happens, so I gotta grab my camera.

 {85 1.8, I love you}

He was so cute. And scared. But he let me take lots of pictures of him.
 So we oohed and ahhed over him for a while. And listened to Momma Bird squawk. I took more photos.
Then Daddy went and got the ladder and his gloves and rescued the little guy and put him back in his nest. At least we think it was his. Or hers.

Nothing like a good rescue to brighten your day.


  1. Those half-feathered little things are always so cutely ugly. Your first shot is absolutely perfect.

  2. This little guy is so so sweet. I agree with Jess...Love the first shot.


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