Friday, July 8, 2011

the babies

As I mentioned in my previous post, Cat had her babies.

We were on vacation. She had them a few days before we came home.

In two different places. She birthed five, but only two survived. I was a little sad for her at first, but it's obvious she is totally happy with the two she still has.
She had one baby in the pet taxi we had sitting in her favorite lounge spot, our bathroom floor.

The others she had underneath the baby's crib, in the drawer that did house a lot of the baby blankets and sheets.

But the two kittens that did live...
{^my favorite photo of them}
...oh how Momma Cat loves them.
She purrs like crazy when they nurse. She checks on them often. She runs in there if they start their tiny meowing. She's an awesome Mom.

And the babies look just like her. Only still really awkward looking in a cute sorta way. Their ears are so tiny and of course their eyes are still shut. Their tails are nearly hairless and their paws are so small.
New life is so incredibly awesome. I'm just totally in awe of these two tiny creatures and Momma Cat's instinct to care for her babies.


  1. This takes me straight back to my childhood. I can almost smell them. :)

  2. Cat breast feeding! I love it! :)


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