Sunday, July 24, 2011

pizza night

It seems like all I've been doing lately is going going and going. Non stop.

Going here, going there.

Feeding kids, nursing the baby.

Chasing down the two year old to put his diaper back on for the 18th time.

Making my house pretty.

Hosting dinners.

Getting ready for homeschooling. Which, by the way, we are starting next Monday, August 1st. Whew. I'm shakin' in my boots a little bit over this. I'm sure it will be fine eventually, but finding our groove, I'm not sure how long that'll take.

All of our books are here, our shelves are pretty, the school area is all set up (photos to come [hopefully]). All I need is a map and I'm set. I'm a bundle of excitement and nerves.

We did slow down a few times during these fast paced couple of weeks. We made pizza. No, I'm not so awesome that I made my own crust. Though next time I will! But we did gather all the toppings we each like and sit down together and make pizzas.

So.Good. Here's my veggie pizza before I threw it in the oven. The Italian tomatoes and Feta cheese is what makes this bad boy super amazing. I'm not a food photographer so I don't really know how to make food look pretty instead of unappealing. Just trust me when I say this was delicious.

Homemade pizza night is one of my favorites. We must do this more often.

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