Monday, August 1, 2011

the first day

 {why yes, this is a recycled photo}

Today was THE first day of homeschooling for our family. I thought that might deserve a blog entry here.

It was... interesting. I didn't do enough homework on my part. So I stuck to the easy. We did two subjects.

Yep. Just two. Because there was really very little prep work for them. History and Science.

I learned that my kids don't listen well. Nevermind. I already knew that. Usually they hear part of what I'm saying and fill in the blanks in their head. They do what they think I said, which never ends well for them, because they don't listen to the whole thing. I just kind of thought they would listen better when it came time to learning. Not so.

I learned that God is going to have to grant me a lot of patience. Mine runs really really thin. Not really the best thing ever. Of course, it is greatly possible that Him leading us to homeschool is to show me how to be a patient more loving parent. Because I'm always the bad guy. And my dear sweet husband calls me a Fun Sucker. So there you have it. I'm Mean Mom who denies her kids fun. Whew, glad to get that off my chest.

Let's move on. The math looked really scary today, but after watching his video, I'm not so afraid. It's the spelling that makes me wanna never open the blasted book again. But not to worry, I will do my homework tonight and get to know how to teach my kids how to spell. I will. Also, I think I got an English book that is just above my 1st graders level. I don't know. He still doesn't read well. So I'm just not sure yet, I may try it out tomorrow and see what happens.

Also, naptime for the littles is realllly good. Lots-o-sleep for me is really good, too. And we will start everyday with a short devotional and prayer. Which I forgot to do today due to being caught up in the excitement of starting school!

So, to sum up... I must not yell (did I forget to mention I yelled?). I have to figure out a way for them to really listen. I must keep the littles entertained without t.v. (oh t.v., bleh, sometimes I don't like you). Patience, I must have that. I also must pray. And pray. And pray.

I might need to start drinking coffee, too.

ps... Thanks everyone for thinking about us today and for all the encouragement. Homeschooling is such a big step for us :)

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  1. I am just a random reader and fellow homeschooler. I have been doing this for several years and there are still many days of no listening, only two subjects, and a little yelling. The math you picked is great and he does all the teaching for you. Story of the world is wonderful and entertains everyone at my house. Apologia too! I didn't see your spelling curriculum but I wouldn't push language on the first grader. You can always start that in a few months. That is the beauty of it! It will get easier. Connect with other families in your area and learn from them. As far as the 2 year old, I am in same boat! Not many clean house days once we start up again next week!


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