Friday, August 12, 2011

focus: elsewhere

I have been slacking on getting photos of my own little family lately. For many months now. I told the husband that I think I lost my drive for it.

I know, I totally said it out loud. Part of me wants to grow and boom in the photography industry, part of me wants to bail and only do it for myself. I'm stuck in the middle right now. I've lost part of the joy.

So the focus of my camera has not been at home, which makes me utterly sad.

I pulled the beast out yesterday and started snapping away. Then I remembered. I really really love to take photographs that speak volumes within my own family. Sometimes I flop in this area, big time.

Sometimes, I succeed. And I love what I've captured. Yesterday, I felt the thrill while holding my camera for the first time in a very long time.

It was wonderful. I'm vowing to myself to not let other things get in the way of documenting my family life. I forget that it will one day be so important to the little ones in my life, and then to their little ones as well.
My kids grow. Everyday. And I let it slip by without proof that they are little and innocent and ornery and clever and silly and messy and cranky and happy.
No more slipping, no more focusing solely on things outside of my family.

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  1. Precious pictures.

    I've found that some of these silly online challenges are the kick in the butt I need sometimes. And often those ones end up being my very very favorites.

    I second shot three weddings this summer, and having to process all of those was enough to put me severely behind in on my own family pics... and to make me really question whether I ever want this to be more than a hobby.


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