Sunday, August 21, 2011

he stood.

I was trying to get some photos of the two big kids the other day. Because, well, you see, I'm a slacker and often let the camera fall on only the two littles.

My skinny baby came crawling over to interrupt. I mean, play.

He did his usual... grab handfuls of clothes to pull himself up to be right at your face. It's rather cute.

Only this time, he let go. On his own. And stood. Without force. And it was perfect! Because I had the camera right there.

Granted, the focus was a little off because he was so close to the camera. But still. I was so proud of him! And super pumped I was able to catch it with a photo.

yay! the whole crew was excited, including him.
...and this photo above is the one where I realize my baby looks older.
Must they always grow so fast?

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  1. Awww... how awesome you caught a photo of the exact moment! And he looks soooo proud of himself.


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