Friday, August 26, 2011

Samson and Murphy

These two. They're all play play play, sleep sleep sleep. It's rather cute and entertaining.

I especially love the pouncing. It's been so long since I've been around kittens that I forgot just how playful they were.

Momma Cat only had these two BOYS (at least I think they're boys) that survived. Because, you know, this house can only birth boys. Have you noticed?

This is constant. And it's only been in the last couple of weeks that they've ventured out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house. Though, they are still terrified of outside. I throw them out there at least once a day with Momma. They don't like it.
I love how they play! So fun to watch. I really should give them away. But after watching Momma take care of them, I can't bear to part her from them or them from each other.
But this next batch that's a brewin' can't live with us forever. Three cats are plenty. And possibly, too many. The hussie is gonna be on lock down after this next litter considering she got knocked up a week after giving birth to these cute kittens. (Seriously, who knew?!)
This below is Samson. The name popped into my head and just stayed there, so I thought I'd give it to him.

I could have named them after their Momma Cat, I suppose: Baby Cat 1. Baby Cat 2.  But that would just be too confusing.

Anyways, he was my buddy. He's the quiet brave one. With a slightly lopsided face, which is how I tell the twins apart. He really needs to watch his back though. He's about to get pounced.
Momma Cat jumps in and plays with the babies a lot, too. Which is, again, entertaining. Sometimes I think they're getting in trouble and she's giving them the what-for.
But she loves them. You can just tell. They still nurse on the occasion and have enjoyed kitten food and water. Oh, the water. The babies guzzle it, after finally figuring out what it was for, which was a humorous sight.

I don't know who's winning here.
Samson is definitely the more curious one. He's quietly spunky.
This below is Murphy. Big round eyes, a larger face than Samson. He's a little more shy. But now, he likes me. Climbs in bed with me every night before lights out and attacks my feet. A lot of pouncing takes place. His name also just popped into my head, so it stuck.
It took him a while to warm up to us, but he's sweet. Even though his meow is bigger, he's more of the 'fraidy cat.
And oh, loosey goosey Momma, who likes the Toms... she is the sweetest cat I have ever owned (aside from our childhood cats). And her littler box is the earth, which makes me even happier. She totally uses the doggy door at night.

Between kids and critters, our house is full.

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