Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Capture: Happiness

Jonyn thinks he needs to be outside from the moment he finishes his breakfast, and sometimes sooner, til the moment it is time for bed. Sometimes that is just okay, sometimes, we have to break his little heart and make him stay inside. After all, it is 180* out there. Or something.

When he can go out, he plays his little heart out. He loves his trike and has recently discovered fun comes with a small shovel and dirt. He's been outside most of today. Nekkid. Diaper only. Barefoot. What's new?

He's happy.

I asked the boys to clean their bathroom for me. (really for them. because. ew, boys. ew. and they are oblivious.) Just before that I was shaking the dirty out of the babies cloth dipe into the potty.

Taylan said, "Ew."

I said, "Yeah, but someday when you're a grown up and married and have your own kids, you'll be doing the same thing."

Both big boys chimed in, "Yeah." "It's true."

I so love that! It makes my heart happy.

We haven't seen rain in a very very long time. Today we had a good chance of it. We could even hear thunder and smell the delicious goodness of possibility. So Taylan asked everyone to be quiet, and then he prayed, "God, please let it rain so we can play and the plants can grow. Amen."

A few minutes later, both boys come in from outside yelling about it working!

"What's working?"

"We prayed and it rained!" They were so happy.

It was not enough to see with our eyes, nor even show up on the ground. But we felt in on our skin just before it evaporated, long enough to know it did, in fact, sprinkle rain. As much as we Texans need a great massive downpour that lasts a week or more, I cannot complain about the small amount we did see feel because to my boys, it was completely a faith-filled answered prayer.

Belief. Trust. Faith. They knew God would answer without a doubt. And the excitement they felt was huge. That makes me happy.



  1. I really do hope you get your great rain. All three shots are great, but that first one is just precious! Mine is here.

  2. I love this entire post Brooke! Every single word. You'll look back on this one years from now and smile a huge smile.

    The dof and composition of your first photo truly make it a work of art. Your second photo is "lifestyle" photography to perfection.

    I love this post. (Did I already say that?)

    love it

  3. Gorgeous shots. LOVE that first one. So fabulous L(

  4. Wow, these are great pictures. I have two boys, though they are still pretty little and I don't look forward to the boy bathrooms!
    And I love the prayer for rain. Love that God answered them. :) All happy pictures!

  5. I LOVE all of these! What an awesome perspective shot for that top photo! Also, I love the energy in all of these photos!

  6. Beautiful post, great shots! Love the way kids can surprise you!

  7. Great happy photos! LOVE the first one!


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