Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"are you sure we're done?"

I have probably asked him 20 times this week. No lie.

him: Let's go ahead and have a garage sale.
me (later on): I think I'm going to get rid of the baby stuff. But only if you're sure we're done having babies.
him: ...

I continue to ask throughout the week. And he keeps saying, why? are you pregnant?


Then he'll say, are [you] sure we're done?
I say as I tilt my head and squint, I think so. 

I also have to ask him, eyebrows raised, you're sure you don't wanna try for a girl?
Why, are you pregnant? 

We think that we are sure we're done having babies. And that we are totally happy and blessed with four amazing boys.

I get all the baby things laid out on the table for the yard sale. I smile.

I see my box of maternity clothes. I sigh. And look. And touch. And remember. And get teary eyed. For only a second.

Yes, we are done. And The goodbye to all things baby. Except of course what's in use with my in-less-than-a-week one year old. Which is not much.

I always get baby fever exactly six months after giving birth. It's a rule or something. And now that I'm not pregnant already like I normally am, the fever is passing. I miss the newborn days, but I don't long for them as before. I love my baby the age he is and don't wish for that tininess anymore.

I am loving this present, this here, this now with each of my boys. And especially, with my husband.

We are so done.

My family is complete.

happy tears come with this realization.

{sept. 29, 2010}


  1. Brooke, I have got baby fever bad right now. And it's about the time we conceived Jonah after Andrew, my 1st was born. I can just imagine how 'fulfilled' your life is now with 4 boys!!! And by fulfilled I mean, hectic and fun and boyish. LOL. Love the hospital pic, so great.

  2. Y'all are done at the same age Tommy and I were just getting ready.

    ... but are we ever really done? ;)

  3. I so wish I could hit that point and fill "done". We may never officially try again but we aren't going to do anything permanent. We are leaving it up to God and if it happens than it will be surprised blessing!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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