Thursday, September 22, 2011

barn cats

I was sure we were going to keep them.
They are cute little fur balls of entertainment. But having three inside cats is a little much for us I think. Although I will say that we've all become kind of attached to them. They even sleep at the foot of our bed sometimes. And now, they finally let us pet them and they purr so loud! But again, 4 kids. 3 cats. 2 dogs. A bunny. See my point? We need to pare down a bit. Especially before we move to Odessa, TX.
Momma Cat is trying to wean them right now. They try to nurse and she runs away. I can't blame her. There just comes a point where you're all, I'm done! Trust. I've been there more than once.
This particular day was the first day the babies followed her outside. And played with her. They were finally unafraid of the wilderness. aka: my backyard.
A downed tree limb and some giant weeds provided a nice play space for these cuties. I was chasing them all crazy-like with my camera and I was getting tons of great shots of blur. Then I just parked it and got shots as they came to me. Much better plan.
My whole point was that we are giving them away to someone from our church who needs a few barn cats. I'm not sure how Momma Cat is going to deal. I've never separated kittens from their Momma before.

I'm just happy and relieved that they'll be together. Maybe I'm a little nuts, but I worry how they're going to do away from Momma, and I worry about how she'll do without them. I'm sure all will be well, but I just can't help myself.
We'll all miss the little boogers. But giving them a new home is the best thing for everyone.


  1. Mama cat will howl for a few days or a week. Love her lots and she'll be okay. The babies will do great! Those two brother kitties that we got back in July have done so so well, and I know that much of it is because they have each other. I smile every time I look out the window and see them tumbling around together outside our barn.

  2. Beautiful pictures... as always!

    And when we seperated our mama cat from her kittens... both litters. She looked for them for a bit, but was over it pretty fast. (Tramp) ;)


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