Thursday, September 15, 2011

cool falls

Today was so beautiful. In the fall sense. It wasn't the sunshine-y beautiful, or the clear blue skies beautiful. But the Ahhhh, Fall is in the air beautiful.

So we all went outside today to enjoy it.
 {his eyes. are the best.}
The baby sat in the swing quite happily. With the boys keeping him going most of the time. And yes, I actually put a jacket on him because I was actually worried he might get a chill.
My outside boy loved that we were all out there with him, enjoying the Fall. And see? Clothes. And he even had real shoes on!
The two bigs were so busy playing with Dad and each other that it made it a little hard to get a great photo of them. These are a little out of focus and over exposed, but this is them. Playing. Happy.
During dinner, we had another little surprise. I'll fill you in on that later. And no, it has nothing to do with babies.

Also, I've been avoiding looking at the forecast because it's 65F right now and so lovely. A nice change. But I finally just looked. I am happy to report that although the cool Fall isn't sticking around this weekend, it's at least not going to be 100F.

Also, it's supposed to rain through Tuesday. I could just squeal with delight!!

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