Wednesday, September 21, 2011

everyday life can throw some punches

Some days I really want to crawl back in bed before breakfast is even started.

Like today.

Those commercials where the models are on a greased runway with the plates that don't break when they come crashing down? I have those plates. Believe me, they break. And they shatter into a million tiny little pieces. I know this because that I broke a plate first thing this morning. So much for a full set of matching dishes.

I also was clearly not paying attention and had to fish out egg shell from the skillet while I was cooking said eggs.

I spilled milk just after the egg shell incident. On myself.

Brennen went over 12 hours without peeing for reasons I won't go into, so I had a mild panic attack, then fixed him and felt totally guilty because it was from cloth diapering (and guilty because I didn't notice right away). (CD problem is now fixed I'm happy to report. and I got peed all over).

I passed out the last of the milk after spilling it then totally forgot to pick more up when I went grocery shopping. It was written on my list.

I almost forgot to make lunch.

Also, I smashed my baby's finger in the dishwasher. I tore the skin and made it bleed. And he cried hard.

I made mashed potatoes before I remembered the no milk thing, so they were extra buttery.

Jonyn never eats dinner. 3 bites and he's done.

Jonyn never keeps his diaper or clothes on. One hour and he's done. I try. I do. Then I give up and give in to his nakedness.

Jonyn never sits still. Unless Backyardigans is on Netflix. Then he'll mostly sit still, meaning he stays in the living room area. I chase that kid pretty much all day. And I totally use that show to babysit when I need to accomplish something without Jo getting into everything. The toilet is his favorite thing right now. Brand new roll of toilet paper flushed down the toilet = goodbye money. *sigh*

I just realized today Baby B's birthday is next week. We're broke. I suck.

I banged my knee freakin' hard on the corner of our coffee table/trunk.

I have been so blasted busy today that my old lady hip is killing me!

Sometimes it feels good to vent. But seriously I could use a do over. Thankfully, I get one when I wake up in the morning. Jesus is good, and there's always a blessing in there somewhere. 


  1. I have sooooo been there. So been there. (Hugs)

    And tomorrow is a new day, Thank you Jesus!

  2. I love you sister and I miss you. Hope you have a few better days since this post. I've had those days, too. Love you!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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