Wednesday, September 7, 2011

night time victory

I'm sitting here in my room on my iPad blogging. Something I've not done before.

See, my toddler who has been in our room nearly every night since day 1, and who has had his mattress next to our bed for months sleeping there most nights, is currently in his own bed in his own room with his baby brother.

Shocked? Me too.

I thought it'd be another six months before this happened. So the problem is I have to leave the door open and the hallway light on [for now] so I can't walk by their room to get to the computer room because Baby B will see me and cry and keep Jo awake.

But that is just okay because my bull headed, strong willed, picky pants, my way or the highway toddler is actually in the room and the bed we have designated as his.

This Momma is happy.

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