Thursday, September 8, 2011

repeat after me

Many times our kids will mimic us in actions and repeat us in words. It can be scary. Or embarrassing. Things I've said since I can remember are coming out of the mouths of my littles. I never realize what those things sound like until I hear them say it to one of their siblings or back to us. Nothing awful, but small things, that don't sound so funny or clever when said by them.

Sometimes the things they repeat are funny. Quite entertaining. As this video proves. (Make sure you have sound. Four years later, we still laugh hysterically. It is totally worth a watch.)

I'm constantly nagging reminding the boys to pick up their stuff and place things back where they belong after their showers. By constantly, I mean everyday. No exaggeration. I say things like, "Why is this bathroom messy?" "Get your stuff picked up." "Take care of your business."

So to hear Taylan say, "Why is this bathroom messy?" to Kanyon after Kanyon just got out of the shower made me pause and grin. Because I knew that he would no doubt leave all his stuff behind after his shower, too.

Just in case you were not aware, boys are not the cleanest creatures on this earth. True story.

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  1. Brooke! What a joy to find your beautiful blog! i didn't know you were so artistic! I am lovin' it...I was on Christine's blog and saw that she had linked to yours. I would love to start a photog group with you and C! It'd be fun!


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