Saturday, September 3, 2011

sleep escapes me

I can't sleep. BOO! Too much on my mind. And really, I need to fall asleep, because we have a big weekend ahead.

Traveling. Which I'm way excited about, even though it's not terribly far away. I have a lot to do tomorrow before we leave. In fact, I may go mop my floors after this.

Anyways, I'm not sleeping, so I thought I'd listen to some Pandora... post some photos.

I grabbed the tripod on a whim the other evening and got my two littles and took these.

Another 20 pounds and I might not groan so much about my figure.

I posted these already, and these, but I had to add a few more. kid and his crazy obsession with shoes. He's worse than a grown woman! He changes shoes 80 times a day (and they're rarely his own), about the amount of times he goes in and out. But the snow boots are by far his favorite.

(His other current obsession is the moon. Oh and the word Ewwwww. Just FYI.)

I must say, I'm glad those boots are getting some use, because, you know, it snows so much here in Texas. I think the big boys have worn them twice and now they're too small. But I was happy they had something to wear earlier this year.

Also, I believe we are done having babies. For those who are wondering. Unless God has other plans He has yet to inform us about.

Also the baby can take about 4 steps now before he collapses with enthusiasm. And yeah, he finally had his first tooth break through this week. He's been a busy dude. He also started clapping several days ago. Did I mention this is his birthday month? He'll be one on the 29th. One.

Time, it flies. The kids, they all grow up. Now if I could be a better Mommy in the meantime.


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  1. beautiful lighting! Did you do these with a timer? Love 'em


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