Saturday, September 17, 2011

a perfect way to end dinner

Two nights ago near the end of dinner, Kanyon looked up and announced enthusiastically that it was raining. I love fall rain. Oh, how I love it so much! No thunder, no lightning, no giant hail, no fast wind. Just the smell, and the sound, and the beautiful sight of rain falling straight down.

So Daddy hopped up and went out there, the boys quickly following. At first they were just sticking their hands in the drips off the roof of the patio.

Then I let them play in it. I did that when I was a kid. Not often, but I remember playing in the fall rain with my brother a handful of times.
Jo dove right in. In his usual attire.
Sitting on the patio while it rained was so lovely. The kids laughing and playing and running.
Jo, hollering for the moon. "Mooooo!" The moon is an everyday topic in our house. We must always know where it is.
Then it rained the next night about the same time. What blessings.... fall. rain. family.

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  1. Hey! Beautiful pictures of your baby! Too cute! And thanks for referring me to the Coffee Shop, love her actions!


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