Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday's Top Ten... (on Saturday night)

Ten reasons why neither Jonyn nor I should be left alone...

1. I am now using a tiny Snoopy toothbrush. I'm pretty sure Jonyn was dunking my big girl toothbrush (if you have or have had toddlers, you know what this means) and the only spare in the house was a red Snoopy toothbrush. It's now sitting happily in my toothbrush holder.

2. Climbing.

3. I cut my own bangs. *sigh* Will I ever learn?!

4. Quiet means I can think, which means there's a chance I'll cry about something.

5. Markers. Without caps. Laying around. In reach of the wee one.
{if you look close enough, you can see his two bottom teeth}

6. I bake sometimes when I'm bored. Gooey chocolaty goodness of some sort.

7. I have a slight Netflix addiction at the moment. Alone=too much t.v.

8. Snap decisions [see #3].

9. Talking to oneself can be really awesome but it's usually just scary (at least in my case).

10. Playing outside in the buff, as you know.

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