Friday, October 7, 2011

hello goodbye

Yesterday, the baby cats went to their new home in a barn. I thought for sure Momma Cat was going to flip out. She started some sad meowing yesterday evening, but it quickly stopped.

Maybe she was just hungry. I don't know. Today she's walking around here like nothing has changed. She finally weaned the babies completely, so maybe that has something to do with why she's so normal.

The kittens were scared of the box they went in to. And I very much wonder how they did last night. Over night. Without Mom. Then again, they have been wandering out the doggy door at night returning separately from their Momma. I'm sure they are fine, but wonder when it will truly hit Cat that her babies are missing.
The movers came to survey our stuff yesterday. It's really real. We're really moving. Today the entire kitchen gets packed up. It will go in the garage with the other boxes of homeschool stuff, spare blankets, computer and photo stuff, toys, games, books, photos. Our life. Sitting in the garage. In boxes. So strange.

It's been 10 years since I have moved away from loved ones to this town. These past ten years, I have watched some of my very best friends move. Military mostly. I gave them hugs, shed my tears, and felt the emptiness after they left. I carry them around in my heart. I think about them, pray for them. Hoping to one day see them again.

Now it's my turn to be the one to leave, it's different being on this end of it all. Being the one to go. It's hard. I have met some amazing people that I love like family and will miss so much. Even with all the social sites and technology out there, it's not the same as seeing their beautiful faces and hugging them something fierce.

I look forward to all the newness that is in front of us, the starting afresh. It is such a happy sad time for me right now. Saying good bye but saying hello.

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