Thursday, October 20, 2011

the office

I know it seems like an obscure place to start, but it is the only room that is presentable atthisverymoment. This is also when I wish I had a fish eye or wide angle lens. Or both. My 50 just didn't cut it.

The view from the entryway: 
 I basically continued the shots around the room.
 My desk:
 Big awesome window plus husband's desk:
That lovely bordered entryway will be a nice rust red sorta color. It looks perfect next to that blue in the dining area.
 And we've made it back around!
I have tons of extra frames lying around. Some with glass some without, so I plan on doing some fancy pants decorating by putting fabric in said frames and hanging them on the wall in here. That should make it even more homey in this room.

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