Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday's Top Ten

1. I ran plumb out of deodorant last weekend and had to stop at Target on the way to church to pick up some. I grabbed the nastiest smelling stuff ever. I'm pretty sure. Grapefruit lemon grass. It's smells so gross. Next time I will definitely pay attention.

2. I'm wicked tired. And my mattress sucks. Also, nothing sounds good to eat. ever. But if I don't eat, I feel sick.

3. This week has been something terrible. Two days ago I had a day long meltdown. I felt broken. Completely and utterly broken, at a place that took all I had. I feel so spiritually dry and empty. I spent the whole day in tears. I was in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets when the ugly cry came.

4. I started reading 3:16 by Max Lucado. I'm kinda going back to the basics of my faith. I feel like I need to start from the beginning.

5. My ridiculously happy baby who is only upset if he's over tired has been even happier lately. I'm not sure how it's possible. But he has to be the world's happiest smiliest kid. It's unreal, in such an awesome way.

6. Sometimes I don't understand why God wanted me to homeschool the boys. Personally, I wouldn't pick me as the best choice to teach my boys. Obeying is not always easy. And sometimes I really really suck and I am really mean.

7. Here's a crazy out of focus photo for ya. But I caught my boy in his brothers' room reading to himself this morning. I was trying to be sneaky. He caught me.
 "Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue."

8. I converted Brennen's crib into a toddler bed this week. He plays a lot, but eventually falls asleep for naps. Night time is great, however. He just zonks out.

9. It's already November. Don't we say this every year? Every month? Nevertheless, the holidays in our first home are going to be amazing.

10. It's been getting so chilly here at night. Pretty soon we'll be able to use our fireplace. That thought makes me so happy.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so down. I will pray for God's warmth and comfort to surround you. :)


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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