Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Top Ten

....or eleven. and the photos are not related. whatsoever.

1. I love those first few weeks when baby's move to toddler status and really get the hang of walking, they still stumble and fall a lot, walk crooked, bump into stuff, reach out as far as they can to try and grab something stable, and they always get back up and keep on walkin'.
2. I'm ready to throw my cloth diapers out the window. I'm pretty sure it's my front loader, but I can't get the ammonia to go away. I've tried Funk Rock, Dawn, a gazillion rinses, boiling, and I've resorted to fish tank ammonia remover. I'm in the process of doing extra rinses and will do a stink test over night tonight. If is doesn't work, I give up. Which will make me super sad. Because I love cloth diapering.
3. I think Brennen is done with breastfeeding. I started supplementing with whole milk because my skinny baby hadn't gained any weight in months and he got to where he would only nurse for a second and then be done, so, we're done. And also, I think he is starting to fatten up a bit, finally.
 {halloween 2011}
4. I actually slept a long time last night, and slept okay. I woke up a lot, but what's new. But I guess I slept funny, I can't turn my neck to the right at all with out  a searing pain.
 {halloween 2011}
 5. My symptoms are so bad. This nausea is miserable, the exhaustion is.... exhausting, and the waking up in the middle of the night TWICE to pee, is interrupting my sleep. It all feels amplified this time around. I'm not sure if it's age, or so many babies, or maybe a different gender in there, or more than one, or just my imagination. My mind runs wild.

6. I love how much Jonyn is talking now. He says so much. It's like the minute we moved here, his vocabulary grew beyond belief! Except, that he hasn't stopped to take a breath from talking. Even at night when we're trying to fall asleep. His favorites: "What happened?" and "What is that?" Sometimes, they get put on repeat.
 {halloween 2011}
7. I talked to a midwife yesterday, I want to have a homebirth. I should be going for a consultation in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to that.

8. I have no attachments to this baby yet. It seems weird to say that, but I don't feel anything yet. I'm sure it will come, but right now, nothing is there. Holy crap, I just admitted that.
 {biggest to smallest = oldest to youngest}
9. I miss my Abilene friends. I miss seeing their faces, the Sunday morning hugs and chit chat, the last minute runs to Hobby Lobby, the afternoon visits...

10. I have gained so much weight. I was doing so good with eating clean and healthy right before we moved, and now I can't seem to get back to that. Today I will try. I've had oatmeal and chocolate milk for breakfast. I realize the chocolate part isn't so healthy, but white milk just isn't my thing, unless cookies are being dunked into it.

11. I'm so thankful to my husband who was in the Air Force for six years, served his country, got deployed, and came back home to us each time. He joined as a way to provide for us when we were about to get married. Our life together started there.


  1. Oh bummer about the diapers. Those front loaders use a teeny tiny amount of water compared to regular washers, don't they? Hope you can get it figured out. Whenever ours got funky I just ran them through with a bunch of vinegar poured into the wash water, and that usually did the trick. But I can't imagine how they could ever get clean unless they're washed with a bunch of water?


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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