Wednesday, November 16, 2011

plans and splinters

Last night I slept pretty darn well. I was bummed when I heard the husband's alarm go off, but happy I was in such a deep sleep.

At nine this morning, I planned on starting school, then using the extra energy I felt to get some house cleaning done. My laundry is so behind, we're searching for things to wear.

Instead, my 7 year old walks up to me, "What's this?"

gross. A giant filled blister on the top pad of his index finger [I'm sure that spot has a technical name. I just don't know it].


As it turns out, he has a ton of tiny splinters in his hand. From what, you ask. From doing what he should not have been and climbing up our fence. We've been over this, the boys and I. So instead of starting school, I started pulling splinters. It took about an hour, I nearly gagged when we got up to the blister and I had to pop it. That's the stuff better saved for super dad.

I think I needled over 70 splinters of his hand. No tears however, so that was a bonus. Not to mention, the pain of sitting still that long plus the pain of some of those deep ones was way better than any other punishment I could give him. He claims he learned his lesson, I guess we'll see.

Now. To officially start my day. School, here we come. After some diaper changes, that is. And a quick snack.

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  1. Sometimes natural consequences are better than any punishment mom & dad can dish out. Win for mom!


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