Wednesday, December 7, 2011

another day

Husband says he's on his way home to get us. Crap. I've lost track of time and no one is dressed.

Small basket of fresh laundry is all we have to choose from as I start to rustle through it...

Here, take this. Grab that. Get yourself put together. Socks shoes the works. They scurry and dress and bundle up. Help with the littles.

I dress. Hoping that again the one pair of pants I have clean will button one.last.time.

On the floor, the baby is at that stage, hard to dress, wiggly, squirmy, let me up! I try to distract with no luck.

Littles dressed now. I try a new way of getting off the floor today, the nerve in my hip so painful I have to be creative in how I rise from the ground. Searing pain. I eventually make it. I limp through the house. barely. having to stop. often. just to stop the pain for a second so I can make it another step.

Toddler needs a jacket, I lean over, zip!, ouch! my hair is caught. Undo. Redo.

Baby needs shoes, where are they? go find them, it's now your mission, boys. I know this floor was just picked up yesterday. sigh* that's a battle I shall never win.

just like the laundry.

 {last night just before bed}

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  1. I hope tomorrow is better for you! Sounds like a rough day! :)


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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