Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Top Ten

random thoughts for yet another sunless morning.

1. Seriously, I love winter and all, but geez, I want some sun in my life. please and thank you.

2. This kid.
    He's all kinds of cute. I can't remember if this was his real laugh, or his fake laugh. Either way, I love his unbalanced toofers. I'm sure he'll get his 6th tooth soon.

3. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I've started reading One Thousand Gifts. I'm anxious to get more to the middle.

4. I went to Target, the post office, and the Wal-Marks yesterday with all four of my spawns. For the record people, YES, they are all mine. < I accidentally rolled my eyes at the lady who asked yesterday. (and also, she called my boys "pretty enough to be girls." YES, they are all boys. And YES, I do have my hands full, thankyouverymuch. It is not necessary to ask these things to a woman who has more than your average 2.5 kids with her. The end.

5. I took vitamins last night before bed, just hoping I'd have more energy today. Either my thyroid is way jacked up (blood work should come back soon) or my Vitamin D deficiency needs to have more Vit. D thrown at it. As it turns out, I slept like crap so I'm pretty sure my vitamin efforts were all for naught.

6. I have been so freaking moody lately.'all. So tired of it. Pretty sure it relates to number 5.

7. She loves this dirty window.

8. He likes other people's socks.

9. From our first snow day this season:

10. My dog has the worst gas in.the world. Gag.


  1. The beginning, and all her flowery poetic words were difficult for me to read. It gets easier.

    You know one of the best things about when I worked for a vet? Whenever someone had gas, they could blame it on a dog. ;)

  2. Oh goodness! What a great top ten. Your photos are full of life. Beautiful, random and real.

    I may want to give this "top ten" thing a whirl. :) So fun!


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