Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i make stuff sometimes

I've been feeling extra, um, what's the word, crappy? lately. So I've fallen behind on a ton of stuff. I plan on catching up on my Picture the Holidays prompts today. I still want my book to look pretty, I want the pictures to bring happy memories when looking back during future holidays, instead of the way I actually feel about the season (and life in general) this year.

Anyways, I got the umption in my gumption a bit ago to finally get my dry erase board idea finshed.

Before we moved, we had this beat up and cheap poster frame lying around needing to be used. It was either toss it or find a creative use for it. So I decided to bring it with us to turn it into a dry erase board for school. In the other house, we had huge windows where we homeschooled, so I used those as my board.

Here, however, I need something to write on. So I made this with two pieces of scrap fabric, one stitch to sew them together and the empty poster frame. Start to finish, it took me about 10 minutes. And geez, it's cute and matches my decor. So it just looks like framed fabric when it's not being written on. Love that.

p.s. not the best photo ever, but you get the idea.

[edited to add: plastic does not work nearly as well as glass, in fact it kinda sucks. so as soon as I can get a glass cut for my other big frame, I will be switching the fabric out to that.]

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