Friday, December 9, 2011

a prayer [kinda long]

[I sat down at my desk to print some activities for my kids, instead I found my way here and suddenly felt I needed to do this.]

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for lifting this sheer exhaustion and constant nausea. I am so grateful to be catching up on laundry, to have a clear counter top, and to be doing school on a regular basis once again. I pray you will help lift the intense pain of my sciatic nerve so I can even better serve my family throughout each day.

Thank you for the recent snow that filled my kids with pure joy. Your blessings are abundant.

Thank you for a certain friend who just gets what I am going through mentally, spiritually, and emotional, because she, too, is in the same place in her walk. Please lift her spirits, show her how much you love her, and continue to walk beside her each and every day, carrying her when the burden is too great. Shower her with your grace, love, and mercy.

You always amaze me by putting the perfect people in my path, even if for just a season. Oh, Lord how much I adore you for that. Thank you so much for each friend you have placed in front of me over the years.

I pray for my beloved friends who hurt and yearn this holiday season. You know each story. I lift them up to you and pray you will show them your glory in many ways this year. Show them at just the right time, after all, your timing is perfect. Heal wounded hearts, and mend broken spirits.

Thank you God for my husband, who works so hard to provide, and continues working even at home. Busyness can weigh us down, but you are able to keep his spirits high. His love for life and others is such a blessing to me. He gives so much and I am truly thankful that you have given him to me to be my one and only love. My life would not be without him.

And, geez, thank you so much for my boys, and baby, who I take for granted each and every day. They are amazing little beings that you have placed in my care for just a short time, and I am so grateful. I do not deserve them, yet you continue to fill our hearts and homes with sweet little ones to bring up in the name of the Lord. I pray they will be strong Christian men, serving you first, always, who marry women so strong in their faith, and will love them unconditionally and remain faithful to them all of their days. And Lord, I pray that I can shine your light on them today, and everyday. Help me to be the loving mother you meant for me to be.

Thank you for my family I cannot be with this year. I love them so much, and would not be who I am with out them. You have given me more than I deserve just by placing me in the loving arms of my mother, by allowing me to have such great examples of love through every family member.

I am so grateful for each in-law. I love them and am grateful for all they are to us. Bless them and shower them with your love. My husband would not be who he is without each of them, and that makes me love them more.

I lift up each and every single person I know to you. Bless them this year. Draw them nearer to you and let them feel your love that is so great words can not explain it.

Thank you, Jesus, for all your amazing wonders, for your love, for you faithfulness, for your grace. I do not deserve it, and I slip and fall and fail you every single day, yet you give so freely. Thank you.


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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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