Sunday, December 11, 2011

shaping up

I have this ugly little decorative pomegranate tree in my front yard. It's not cute, y'all.

I also struggled so.much. with today's shaping up prompt, finding something that looks like something else. I felt so uninspired, perhaps I looked too hard. But then again, today was so dreary with low visibility due to all the fog.

My fall back was this ugly tree. The inedible fruit kinda, sorta, if you squinted, and tilted your head just.right, looked like ornaments.

A little after 9pm: "Toby, I'm stepping outside to grab some of this ugly fruit to see what I can do." huff.

I tried forcing it to look like an ornament, but in the end, it looks more like a tiny crown. I'm meh about this shot.

On the other hand... maybe they're weird little alien creatures.

Picture the Holidays


  1. You killed me with the pic of them upside down. LOL!

  2. I saw the first photo on Flickr and I totally thought they were ornaments. And the second cracks me up! :)Hope you had a good weekend. I'm SO far behind in my PTH prompts...


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