Monday, December 12, 2011

swooshing by

I totally wasn't feeling any nausea the past several days. And energy is returning in great heaps. Then I thought maybe that's bad. Then the Lord so graciously allowed me tons of nausea all afternoon and all evening. Things are good.

I picked up some $2 Christmas crafts at Target, and promised the kids that after showers we'd do them. Then I said tomorrow after we finish up our school stuff. Horrible. I should just do what I say we're going to do. Because really, who knows if we'll do them then either. Terrible. I don't follow through well. I'm sure I broke hearts.

I've skipped a few days prayer journaling, and gah, I can tell. The meaner side of me comes out full force. Less prayer turns out to be less reflection of Jesus. Geez, I have to get my act totally together, not just sometimes together.

Those small humans rely on me as Mom to show them what the love of Jesus truly looks like. I gotta get better at this Mom gig. and at being a Jesus girl. at so much in my life.

I feel like I lost this day somewhere. In a flash it was over. What did I even do besides errands for a few hours? I don't get how it happens. Life just swooshes by in a blur sometimes. Tomorrow, though, it'll be full of school and crafts and the every day cleaning. Speaking of school, we have Home Ec. (aka we house keep) every day. Someday, my kids will know how to care for themselves and their homes better than any other 20-something their age. I at least have that. And their future wives will be so blessed.

{he so is}


  1. You are not alone. I make promises and don't follow through at times. Gah!

    {The picture is wonderful, BTW!}

  2. I do the same thing with the daughter received a hideous temporary tattoo that I promised I would put on. It took me three days and writing it on my calendar to do it. Really, it's a sticker, why did that take me three days? I also feel the same way about being a reflection of Jesus for my I am failing in that part of my job. Parenting is the HARDEST job anyone will ever do. I pray for peace, patience, and grace during these challenging days for you. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your kids and God will always love you no matter what!

  3. I'm not a mother and I can't begin to imagine how challenging it is going to be! But, I think it's a beautiful thing that you as a mother are teaching them and sharing Jesus with them. On the discouraging days, just remember, Jesus came to be the promise keeper and we are the promise bearers! :)

  4. I'm only sometimes-together, too. {working on it.}

    That photo is perfection.

  5. Nobody's an awesome mom all the time. But I'll bet you're just great - even when you think you're not!


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