Monday, December 5, 2011

the view from here

Last night before we heard it raining. And thundering. Glorious. The house inside was quiet with the wee ones in bed. I journaled by low light and soaked it all in.

While all that was completely amazing, it gets better. Just before bed, my husband opened the back door to big snow flakes and snow already covering the ground.

I was anxious to wake up this morning and see how much snow there was and pull out the beast to get a few photos. This is just outside my front door.

Picture the Holidays
Day 5

p.s. the fact that I've been on top of this for five days in a row is no small thing!


  1. lovely - the softness is so calming.

  2. I also noticed that you're all over this Picture the Holiday's thing. Go Brooke! You can do it! :)


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