Tuesday, January 3, 2012

baby grew to toddler

My baby is 15 months old. Sometimes I get a glimpse of him as a newborn. Little things. Like when I went in last night to make sure he was warm, he was in his usual belly down butt up position. Thumb in mouth of course. I kissed his head behind his ear. I was suddenly reminded what it was like to kiss that spot when he was fresh.

My babies have the fuzziest hair after baths when they are tiny. Images flew through my mind of him being a newborn. Baths and snuggles and breastfeeding.

A little bit ago, I was taking his pj's off of him and he wouldn't bend his arm down as I pulled his sleeve off. I was brought back to when I had to dress him as a baby and bend his little arm for him.

He grows so fast now, hair whisping out behind his ears in curls. Words he can copy. Little legs that run. No baby food or breastfeeding or falling asleep on my chest. No gurgles or coos. He grows and chases and pretends to be a dog because his 2 1/2 year old brother is doing it. He runs to his booster if asked if he's hungry. He's learning he can scream. He be-bops. He climbs. He. just. grows. And he enters my favorite age.

Discovery. Play. Excitement. All things are new. Adventures. Laughing hysterically. He loves.

How they are born loving you and continue to do so completely unconditionally through all our mess ups and hiccups, I'll never understand. Because I mess up, a lot, and keep waiting for my boys to stop loving me because of all my mistakes. Yet, they don't. And I could never stop loving them either.

{dec. 2011}

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  1. Oh you brought me back to when my girls were infants, thank you for that!
    Stopped in from Just Write

  2. Gorgeous photo, stunning slice of baby-ness. Sigh.


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