Tuesday, January 17, 2012

freezer meals pt. 1

So, I guess I wanted to be part of the crowd and all kinds of cool and awesome, like my friends are (seriously... they are), so I joined Pinterest. Then I started trying things. Yes I did. A few craft things, some food things. (And perhaps I sought a few people out to stalk, maybe, I'm jus' sayin').

But THE best thing (for me, anyhow) that has been circulating on there is the idea of freezer meals. You know, where you take about half a day and prepare all your food for a month.

I so did that. About 15 days worth of food was prepped and frozen (because of leftovers and burger nights and steak nights and such. p.s. hubby cooks those things). Then I waited for my monster 7qt. crockpot to come in the mail. I was in love when I pulled it out of the box. Twice the size of my other (which has been used plenty) and more heating options. It stole my heart right away.

What exactly did I do?

The first thing was this pin. Make and freeze small batches for smoothies (which has nothing to do with my crockpot). This was easy. I have lots-o-jars because I save them all from anything I purchase that comes in a jar. So I put my yogurt in the mini muffin tins, which equated to a heaping tablespoon of yogurt, froze it almost solid. I set all my jars out in a row on the counter and each jar got 2-3 frozen yogurt chunks, depending on it's size. I took my frozen fruit and put in there as well, then instead of slicing a banana on a board, I just cut a few up over the jars, moving to the next jar when I thought there was enough in there. I also threw in some ground flax seed. I forgot to get baby spinach, though, I like that in my smoothies. I'll remember for next time. Clean up after prepping these was easy since I didn't use hardly anything.

I have loved this so much. But I also happen to have a blender that has TWO pieces, the container and the lid. This makes clean up easy, straight into the dishwasher, no small parts or pieces to find. And I've been able to get more fruit and dairy in my diet. I put my jar in the fridge right before bed and it's usually just right to go into the blender in the morning.

I also made these and they are so good. I hide them from the littles because I love them so much. Shhh.

go to part 2 here.


  1. i would love to try that! except we only have our fridge's freezer and it's almost packed full. I've been doing smoothie a day and if you click here http://goawaysweettooth.blogspot.com/ then you'll know why making smoothies is such a drag!

  2. I've had a pinterest account for awhile and haven't (almost) done anything with it. I fear what you may have me doing now. ;)

  3. Oh my word, girl. We have one of the exact same pins (the red paper flowers) but from different sources. JINX!

  4. What a fantastic idea.

    This is my first time here. You have an adorable blog. I can't wait to see more!


  5. What a great idea! The smoothie thing! We do smoothies here, too, with spinach, too (sometimes kale, but yikes, you can taste it). And this would make it so much speadier.

    I'm refraining from pinterest for no real reason, but you are making it harder to hold back!


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