Tuesday, January 17, 2012

freezer meals pt. 2

So I mentioned last time that I got a fancy pants crockpot (thank you Christmas money) for freezer meals that I made. It took me a little over half a day, maybe 4-5 hours? to prep everything. BUT that was between chasing kids and running back to the store because my not expired meat was bad and you couldn't tell from the front of the package, and maybe I forgot to check my cabinets for things I assumed I have, who knows.

I highly recommend shopping your own pantry before you go grocery shopping, and your freezer, too. Trust me, mkay?

So first, I got out all my freezer bags and labeled them with the meal, the date, and what needs to been done to them the day of. (For example, add snap peas 10 minutes before done). I put them in the order that my recipes were put, it made things easier.

Then, I messed with all the veggies. Lots-o-veggies. And I'm all about fresh veggies, though we do use a lot of frozen ones, too. I'm sure you could do that in this case, too, like for instance, the carrots can probably be bought frozen and pre-sliced, but honestly, they just taste different to me, and they're much mushier.

Anyhoo, so I chopped alllll of my veggies first, including the garlic, which was my least favorite part. Again, you could probably get away with minced in a jar or something. But I find much satisfaction in chopping my own veggies, maybe I'm weird. So I chopped, sliced, and diced. Then I cried.

Oh, but that was just the onions.

I used cookie sheets and just piled them on, instead of individual dishes for each veg. It was easy clean up.

Next, I got out the spices and extras that I knew I'd need. Then I started putting the bags together. I just grabbed the meat out as I needed it, cutting it if needed, as I went. Yes, it went into the bag uncooked. I did not do a single stitch of cooking when prepping. (p.s. idea stemmed stolen borrowed taken from this pin).

After assembling my recipes in the bag, I laid them as flat as possible in the freezer. You might want to spend the dough and get a good freezer bag brand so it doesn't leak.

{my freezer is smallish, so I wouldn't be able to fit many more in there. I did have left over chopped veggies that are in here, plus you can see one of my yogurt jars on the far right. I only made enough of that to fit in the door part}

And that's it. Done. Lots of meals ready to go. One dish wonders. My favorite kind! Okay, mostly one dish wonders, some of them required sides, but those are much easier to make than full meals. Especially if you're like me and have post-children/pregnancy brain where you sometimes forget to start cooking til it is time to eat.

Also, I like to put the next day's dish in the fridge right before bed. This way, it is thawed just enough to put in the crock pot.

I'll post recipe links in my next post. And I'll also tell you how this system is working for us.

and p.s. sorry for the crappy photos. it happens sometimes. especially in crappy kitchen light. plus, let's face it, i just don't know how to make food look pretty or tasty.

part 1 here.

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  1. I'm inspired. I pinned this one too. Just gotta get my tail in gear and DO IT. lol


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