Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Top Ten

...weekly dose of random...

1. *sigh* Seems not one photographer in this town is a birth photographer. This means two things. a) I won't have any one to photograph my only home[slash]last baby ever birth. b) It may just be the specialty I need to crack into once we return to normality after having this baby. And seriously, I would! Photographing births? Yes please!

2. Toby and I had a date night tonight. First we went to eat, which was a bust because the wait was soooo long. Which was sad, because we had a gift certificate to spend. So we went to plan B, which was a bust because the traffic was so bad. So plan C it was... munch at the theater while we wait for the movie. Delish, I tell you.

3. Have I ever mentioned I have the best baby in the world? Oh, I have? Well, it's still true. It's like the fourth one's a charm. I'm so wondering what sort of demeanor this next one will have.

4. My laundry is caught up. So in your FACE laundry basket.

5. Technically speaking, this is not a great photo. So much wrong with it.
Adorably speaking, can't you just hear him over there laughing about how he can now climb on the trunk all by himself and stand on it. Yes, oh yes, he thought he was something.

6. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I've kinda had my heart stolen by my wide angle lens. (And get this, it's not even a Canon. Still blows my mind how much I love it and how beautifully it captures my life).
See what I mean? I'm in love again.  p.s. that's a 17 week belly that is rather largely poking out there with B chowing on what was left of his lunch.

7. Also, that rather large belly will a) soon be blocking the view to my feet. and b) soon not be able to fit through my tiny shower door.

8. Also, I wasn't going to really put it out there, but I now I kinda want too. I'm doing this thing. It's pretty much a project 365 (366 for this year). But it's not. It's more like a Project Slice of Daily Life (< I totally made that up). It's how I have to think of it. It's less intimidating. And it also makes me really want to capture my life and not just random objects to get a shot for the day. I'm actually enjoying it. It's us. It's how I live my every day. It's just real. I love that. And in the process, I'm striving to get more creative angles. I love creative angles, by the way, so it's been fun. I'm putting it all on my Flickr if you get curious. or bored.

9. Also, I had deliberate plans NOT to do any daily photo projects this year knowing I was having a baby and was going to be so tired that list tri. But then it just started happening. I started taking photos of what was in my day. Then I had it in my head I wanted a slice of every single day captured this year. It sounded so beautiful when it came to me in that way. So I'm going with it.

10. And the face that they're attached to.

The end.
Thanks for sticking it out til the end.
Happy Weekend.

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  1. When I saw the thumbnail for your first pic I knew it was your wide angle! Someday...

    And I bet if you post on clickin' moms asking about local photographers, you'll find a talented someone who would shoot the birth. There must be SOMEONE close by. (I would do it for you if we were closer)


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