Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Top Ten

Hi Friday. Glad it's you.

1. Yesterday I felt so stinkin' crummy. I woke up feeling so sick. Then it lasted all day. That and the headache I had, too. So I spent my day curled up in a chair with Netflix and the busted iPad, dozing in and out most of the day.
Today I feel much better.

2. Toby is taking the older kids to a hockey game this evening. The baby will go to bed shortly after they leave and Jo and I will be the only ones awake. He's such a busy boy. Maybe I can con him into helping me do some picking up around the house.

3. We have spent the majority of today doing school. I even [mostly] planned out the rest of the year's lessons. My original plan was to do school year around so we could take lots of small breaks. Then I went and got all knocked up and stuff and decided to have a baby mid-summer. So that plan has been squashed. And thank the Good Lord, we'll be done with school after the first week of June. So I'll have time to nest. or be lazy. It could go either way. Or both ways.

4. In fact, we were so caught up in school and lesson planning that I totally forgot to start dinner. No, it was not a crockpot dinner day. Rotisserie chicken. It sounded so good, but now it's too late to start it. And besides, I'm doing this blog post. Priorities, people. I'll probably make tacos. Easy.

5.  I love how much he loves to read. He's about to wear out his Origami Yoda and Darth Paper books. I'm hoping a few more come out. He adores them. He loves anything Star Wars, but especially these two books. Also the whole reading + Star Wars thing totally proves he is equal parts Toby and me. Love that.

6. Now, Kanyon on the other hand, not so much a book lover. I was hoping he'd find some word love in The Magic Tree House Books. And he does like them. sometimes. But still does the big "ah man" sigh when I tell him it's time to read.

7. I'm so used to B exploding out of every diaper known to man, but Jonyn on the other hand. That rarely happens. Except today. when he had it up to his neck. literally. and had to have a head to toe bath. I wish he was ready to use the potty, I really really do.

8. Unless I'm remembering wrong, the other boys transitioned out of two naps a day just shortly after one. B is 16 months old and still needs and absolutely wants two naps. I'm not complaining, I just can't believe how much that boy sleeps. It's a beautiful thing.

9. Being back on thyroid meds has been so close to pure bliss. I am feeling so much more normal. I still have down days. And I'm still just a mean ol' Mom most of the time, but I'm trying. I'm working on not seeming so annoyed with the boys all the time. I know that's what my tone reflects half the time. I'm trying to get better at having a happier, less annoyed tone.

10. And seriously, a toddler running around repeating "I soopa fwy" really is the best thing ever. Especially when I don't know where he got it from.

Have a lovely weekend, homeboys.

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  1. 1. Oh no! What happened to the iPad? Looks like it still works.

    4. Priorities, yes. (I'm guilty as well) ;)

    8. Naptime! Bliss. My Bean still naps in the afternoon, and since she is and always will be my baby... I allow myself the luxury of falling asleep with her. 'Cause as soon as she starts snoring I know I'll wake up anyway.

    9. Amen, sista!

    10. :D :D :D


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